PlantaSYST position: Postdoctoral Researcher

Location (Dept., Institute): Department of Molecular Biology, University of Potsdam, Germany

A brief mention of area of work in context to CPSBB/PlantaSYST: Under work package 9 of PlantaSYST (Funding, IP management &commercialization), Diksha is working in close collaboration with IP management and Technology Transfer department of CPSBB, to provide an active support to PlantaSYST researchers on IP aspects and for managing collaborations and commercialization opportunities.

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PlantaSYST has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (SGA-CSA No 664621 and No 739582 under FPA No. 664620)

Calls: H2020-WIDESPREAD-2014-2015, Topic: WIDESPREAD-1-2014: Teaming, and H2020-WIDESPREAD-2016-2017, Topic: H2020-WIDESPREAD-01-2016-2017: TeamingPhase2