July 12, 2019
The Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology (CPSBB) became a member of EURAXESS on 12.07.2019. EURAXESS in Bulgaria provides information and assistance to mobile researchers and highly qualified specialists  by means of the EURAXESS portal and with the support of national EURAXESS Local Contact Points (LoCPs).

The CPSBB’s researchers Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vesela Kazashka and Assoc. Prof. Vasil Kolev are the national EURAXESS Local Contact Points (LoCPs). They share practical information concerning professional and daily life, as well as information on job and funding opportunities for CPSBB personnel.

Vesela Kazashka helps the international researchers of CPSBB and their family to plan and organise their move to Bulgaria, providing assistance in all matters related to mobility.

The collaboration with the European researchers’ network EURAXESS in search for established scientists has proven to be very fruitful and now is an integral part of the employment process at CPSBB. For CPSBB, that was the main motivation to become a part of the network and to continue the collaboration not only in the process of employment of new researchers, but also in the creation of a better working environment for the ones already employed at CPSBB.