For a fourth consecutive year, the Green Initiative of CPSBB was held in Plovdiv

March 1, 2024

Scientists and administrative personnel of CPSBB took part in the fourth edition of the GREEN INITIATIVE of the Center.

Paulownia tomentosa, Ginkgo biloba, and Gymnocladus dioicus were the tree species, transplanted in an interblock space in the Trakia district, as well as on the sidewalk of the main street in front of the scientific complex of CPSBB. The plants were grown and collected by Dr. Nikola Staykov – a scientist from the Molecular Plant Physiology department of CPSBB.

Improving the city environment, especially in the Trakia district, is of a high priority for CPSBB. The Center works in close cooperation with Trakia Municipality and Plovdiv Municipality, and it is always open to sharing professional expertise, which will ensure optimal plant improvement for the district area.