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23.01.2021  STATUS

CPSBB's researchers welcomed the students from "Petko Rachov Slaveikov" high school in Krichim

for an online visit and an exercise in genetic processes at the laboratories of the Center


Dr. Nikola Staykov (CPSBB) hosted the online video visit and introduced the students to some general facts about CPSBB its activities and scientific research projects. The visitors were virtually guided around the Center's laboratories and got acqainted with the scientific equipment and plant growing facilities during a dedicated presentation and tour.  The whole process of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was visually monitored and demonstrated to the students by Dr. Staykov. He explained every step of the most widely used method in molecular biology: the mixing of the reagents, the incubation of the samples in a PCR machine folowed by the loading and separation of the DNA samples into an agarose gel and the visualisation via fluorescent dyes in an UV transiluminator. The teachers and their students showed interest in various aspects of the CPSBB’s research activities and a Q&A session followed the presentation.

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