The first Bulgarian Center of excellence in plant science was presented during the 2nd Regional Meeting “From Science to Innovations”

June 15, 2023



The 2nd Regional Meeting “From Science to Innovation” was organized by the Executive Agency “Program for Education” on June 15, 2023 in Gabrovo. More than 80 participants attended the meeting.

The event brought together business and municipalities, as well as beneficiary representatives, in order to present them the strategic objectives and infrastructures of the Centers of Excellence and Centers of Competence, financed by the Operational Program “Science and Education for Smart Growth”.

Prof. Gechev was interviewed by the Bulgarian National Television (BNT1), where he introduced in detail the fundamental and applied research activities of CPSBB, including identification of genes which are responsible for the plant development and the crop resilience to biotic and abiotic stresses, exploring metabolites with potential medical and pharmaceutical value, development of new vegetable varieties with improved qualities, enhancing the crops’ yield, etc.