CPSBB teams up with Bioatlantis Ltd. and Amititsa Ltd. to promote the molecular priming technology and SuperFifty® to plant growers in Bulgaria.

February 3, 2020
Assist. Prof. Dr. Vesselin Petrov and Mr. Peter Kazakov (CPSBB) presented the molecular priming technology and SuperFifty®, an innovative natural plant-protection product developed by the Irish company BioAtlantis Ltd., in a seminar for plant growers of lavender and roses in Karlovo, Bulgaria, on 02 March 2020. The seminar “How to improve the quality and yields of different cultures while protecting nature and ourselves” was organized by BioAtlantis and Amititsa Ltd. the leading importer and distributor of biological plant protection products and biostimulants in Bulgaria.
The seminar attracted a great interest from vegetable breeders, farmers, and large growers of lavender and roses situated in Southern Bulgaria and the Rose Valley. The attendees were acquainted with the newly established CPSBB as an autonomous legal research entity with the help of the H2020 PlantaSYST project and with its partnership with BioAtlantis Ltd. The focus of the presentation of the CPSBB was the abiotic stress and the potential of the molecular priming technology, demonstrated by the biostimulant SuperFifty®, to protect the plants from oxidative and abiotic (drought, extreme temperatures) stresses


From left to right: Mr. Petar Kazakov (CPSBB), Mrs. Tatyana Petrova (Amititsa Ltd.), eng. Zdravka Smilenova (CEO Amititsa Ltd.) and Assist. Prof. Dr. Veselin Petrov (CPSBB).