CPSBB Presented its Unique Scientific Complex to the Bulgarian Government and Society

October 13, 2023

On October 13, 2023, the official opening ceremony of the newly built scientific complex of the Center for Plant System Biology and Biotechnology (CBSBB) took place in Plovdiv.

Acad. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Denkov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, Prof. Dr. Galin Tsokov, Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Boyko Blagoev, Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria, Mr. Ivan Popov, Deputy Executive Director of EA “Education Program”, Mr. Stefan Stoyanov, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Plovdiv, together with the leaders of the PlantaSYST project from the partner organizations in the consortium – Prof. Dr. Tsanko Gechev, Director of the CPSBB and coordinator of the project, Assoc. Dr. Dimitrina Kostova (Head of the “Breeding and Vegetable Crops” department), Prof. Dr. Milen Georgiev, Head of the “Plant Cell Biotechnology” department at CPSBB and Prof. Dr. Bernd Mueller-Roeber from the University of Potsdam, who heads the “Plant Development” department at the CPSBB.

“I remember my first meeting with Prof. Tsanko Gechev nine years ago, when he came to me in my role as Minister of Education and Science to present his idea for Bulgaria to establish a Center of Excellence in the field of plant systems biology and biotechnology. Even then, I saw that behind this dream was an extremely well-prepared development plan with deadlines, sources of funding, partnerships with scientific organizations from Bulgaria and abroad. Thanks to this plan, as well as the support of the Operational Program “Science and Education for Smart Growth”, the European Commission, the Bulgarian Government and the Municipality of Plovdiv for the implementation of the PlantaSYST project, today we have the pleasure of being in a high-tech research center that is equivalent of the most prestigious scientific institutes worldwide.” With these words, the Prime Minister Academician Nikolay Denkov greeted those present at the official ceremony for the presentation of the scientific complex of the CPRBB.

“We are very proud that we established an international institute at the world level, which gives the opportunity for many young people to develop a scientific career in Bulgaria. An institute that is a link between science and business. An institute that applies fundamental scientific discoveries in concrete applied research and innovations for the benefit of the society. We hope that CPSBB will contribute not only to the scientific, but also to the socio-economic development of the region”, said the Director of CPSBB Prof. Dr. Tsanko Gechev.

The ceremony was also attended by CPSBB partners from industry, leaders from academic institutes in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as journalists.