The third edition of CPSBB’s Green Initiative was held in Plovdiv

March 16, 2023

The third edition of CPSBB’s Green Initiative was held in Plovdiv


For a  third consecutive year  the “Green Initiative” of CPSBB was held in Trakia district of Plovdiv on 16 March, 2023. The main goal of the campaign is to improve the area around the newly built campus of CPSBB, as well as the living conditions of residents in the neighborhood.

Scientists from CPSBB, led by the campaign coordinator Dr. Nikola Staykov,  and the Deputy Mayor of Trakia district, Mr. Pencho Malinov, took part in the campaign. They planted Paulownia tomentosa and Ginkgo biloba trees, so that people will be able to relish their beauty in the near future.

Paulownia tomentosa is called the “Tree of the future” because of its extremely fast growth and great potential for CO2 fixation. With its huge leaves it quickly and effectively cleans the air.  It is melliferous and blooms with large and beautiful inflorescences.

Ginkgo biloba, also known as “Maidenhair tree”, is an ancient “living fossil” that is considered one of the oldest plant species on earth. The Latin species name ‘biloba’ comes from the shape of the distinct leaves, meaning ‘two lobes’.It is commonly used as a food supplement, thought to have memory and blood circulation enhancing properties. It is also highly resilient to stress, pests and diseases. As an example – when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, Gingko trees were among the few living plants to survive within a short radius of the blast site – and they’re still standing today.

The Green initiative of CPSBB is traditionally held each year at the beginning of the spring season.