Students from Plovdiv University visited CPSBB as part of their BSc education in Plant Physiology

June 1, 2022

100 students from Plovdiv University visited CPSBB as part of their education in Plant Physiology. The students are enrolled in different BSc programmes (Biology, Biology and Chemistry, Biology and English, Ecology, and Molecular biology at the Faculty of Biology.

Dr. Tsanko Gechev presented CPSBB to the students: its history, strategic objectives, organizational structure, research departments, and main activities. In particular, he emphasized on the research performed by the Departments Bioinformatics, Molecular Stress Physiology, Plant Development, Plant Cell Biotechnology, and Vegetable Breeding.

The presentation was followed by a tour of CPSBB’s laboratories where Dr. Nikola Staykov demonstrated the equipment and some of the ongoing research projects. The students visited the laboratories of plant tissue cultures and plant physiology/molecular biology, as well as the plant growth chambers. The students were also shown the experimental fields of Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute, located next to CPSBB, where scientists from the Maritsa institute are currently growing over 200 unique accessions of pepper and tomato.