Researchers from the CPSBB received a prestigious e-poster award

September 22, 2022

The researchers from the Plant Cell Biotechnology Department of the CPSBB – Iva Stoykova, Ivanka Koycheva, Biser Binev, and Prof. Dr. Milen I. Georgiev – were awarded for Best e-poster presentation during the International Conference PSE 2022 – Natural Products in Drug Discovery and Development – Advances and PerspectivesThe award was handed by Prof. Dr. Jianbo Xiao, President of the International Association of Dietetic Nutrition and Safety as a recognition for the best presentation held by a PhD student during the conference.

The e-poster of our team was entitled “Myconoside, isolated from Haberlea rhodopensis, ameliorate UVA/UVB – induced changes in human keratinocytes” and it was selected among 101 applications for the prestigious award. It presented a study of the photoprotective effects of Haberlea rhodopensis Friv. (Gesneriaceae) extract (HRE) and its biologically active molecules calceolarioside E (CAL) and myconoside (MYC), against the UVA/UVB radiation-induced photoaging.

During the conference Prof. Dr. Milen Georgiev, Head of the Plant Cell Biotechnology Department of the CPSBB, held the plenary lecture “Obesity Management Potential of Plant Natural Compounds: from in vitro (human adipocytes) to in vivo (Caenrhabditis elegans) studies”.

The conference took place in Romania in September 2022, bringing together scientists from all over the world to share their latest research findings, ideas and experiences. The scientific program covered recent achievements and future trends in natural product research, particularly related to chemistry, bioactivity, biotechnology, quality control and formulation.