European Researchers’ Night 2022

September 30, 2022

This year, the international initiative “European Researchers Night” 2022 brought together scientists, pupils, students and teachers demonstrating scientific achievements and research projects with the aim of increasing the interest of young people in science and research career development.

As a traditional partner of the initiative, the Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology (CPSBB) contacted teachers, students and schoolchildren from Plovdiv, who actively took part in scientific experiments with the help of the researchers from the Center. Dozens of young people were the first visitors to the modern building of the CPSBB having the opportunity to meet scientists from the Center, discuss opportunities for a scientific career and get directly involved in scientific experiments prepared by the researchers. Future cooperation between the CPSBB researchers and teachers in the educational institutions was discussed for joint initiatives to enrich the education of young people in the field of natural sciences.

The researchers from the CPSBB Dr. Veselin Petrov and Ludmil Tonchev visited the High School of Humanities “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” in Plovdiv. The scientists met students profiled in Biology and Chemistry and involved them in practical scientific activities. How to easily isolate DNA from strawberries and apples with household materials, how to demonstrate the action of the catalase enzyme from potato and blood, and how to detect the presence of proteins with the Biuret test, were some of the main experiments realized by the students with the guidance of the researchers!

The Head of the Administration Dr. Vesela Kazashka presented the campaign European Researchers Night to the students and discussed with their teachers potential partnership opportunities between the Center and the school. Mutual initiatives and visits will be further organized for sharing knowledge and involving students in practical scientific activities. The visit is part of the International campaign European Researchers Night 2022. CPSBB is a partner and co-organiser.

During two consecutive days, the scientists from the CPSBB engaged students and their teachers in scientific experiments, educational lectures and equipment demonstrations. Observing different microorganisms under a microscope, isolating DNA from strawberries and apples with domestic materials, demonstrating the action of the enzyme catalase in potatoes, determining the presence of proteins and starch in food products were some of the experiments that the participants performed under the guidance of the researchers.

“The initiative “European Researchers Night” is held annually in more than 25 European countries and more than 250 scientific centers, universities and schools take part in it. The campaign aims at revealing to the public the unknown sides of the scientific work as well as the contribution of science to the economy and social life. The initiative successfully overcomes the prejudice that the scientific profession is abstract and not related to our everyday life. Thanks to the campaign, we have laid the foundation for future partnerships with schools and universities. We will be able to actively engage young people in scientific activity and increase their interest in a scientific career not only in Bulgaria, but also throughout the world”, Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Vesela Kazashka (Head of the Administration of the CPSBB and coordinator of the campaign in Plovdiv) pointed out.