CPSBB participated in a regional meeting “From Science to Innovations” in Stara Zagora

October 29, 2022


CPSBB took part in a regional meeting “From Science to Innovations”, organized by the Executive Agency “Programme Education”. The event was held in Stara Zagora on 29 November 2022. All participants were welcomed by the Executive Director of the Executive Agency – Prof. Georgi Vaysilov.

The regional meeting was attended by managers and coordinators of all Centers of Competence and Centers of Excellence in Bulgaria funded by the EU and Operational Programme “Science and Education for Smart Growth”, as well as companies and NGO’s from the Southeast Central region of Bulgaria.

During the meeting the new funding opportunities in the field of scientific research were presented by representatives of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth. The support for current and potential partnerships between industry and academia under the Program for Scientific Research, Innovation and Digitalization for Smart Transformation 2021-2027 were also a main topic of discussion.

CPSBB was presented by the Head of Administration, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vessela Kazashka and the Marketing Expert, Mr. Peter Kazakov.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vessela Kazashka held a presentation in the panel “Industry for Healthy Life and Biotechnology”. The fundamental and applied research, scientific expertise, services, departments and partnerships between CPSBB and the industry were the main topics of the presentation.