Researcher from CPSBB recieved award from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 14 March 2022

March 14, 2022

Kristiana Amirova received the annual award of the Foundation “Acad. Prof. Dr. Stephan Angeloff ” (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) for young microbiologists.Kristiana Amirova is a researcher at the Department of Plant Cell Biotechnology at CPSBB, and headed by Prof. Dr. Milen Georgiev. Her work is related to the research for treating degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis. In her research, Amirova studies the Orpheus flower from the group of the resurrection plants. Kristiana was awarded as a member of the research team who has authored the scientific article “Biotechnologically-Produced Myconoside and Calceolarioside E Induce Nrf2 Expression in Neutrophils”, published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.