The “Green Initiative” of CPSBB was held for the second consecutive year, 01 April 2022

April 1, 2022
The “Green Initiative” of CPSBB was held for the second consecutive year

The main goal of the campaign is to improve the area around the newly built campus of CPSBB and improve living conditions of residents in the neighborhood. Scientists from CPSBB and experts from Trakia Municipality took part in the campaign. They planted Paulownia tomentosa trees near the new building of CPSBB. It is called the “Tree of the future” because of its extremely fast growth and huge potential for CO2 binding. With its huge leaves it quickly and effectively purifies the air.  It is honey-bearing – it blooms with large and beautiful inflorescences. The building of the research campus of CPSBB will soon be completed and will host top-notch science in the field of plant systems biology and biotechnology. The CPSBB’s scientists Dr. Nikola Staykov, Dr. Veselin Petrov, Dr. Aakansha Kanojia, Dr. Ramadoss Dhanouskodi and Lyudmil Tonchev planted the trees accompanied by Hristina Popova, Chief Ecology Specialist, and Maria Petrova, Senior Ecology Specialist in Trakia Municipality.

One month ago, after a working meeting of the Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv Stefan Stoyanov, the Mayor of Trakia Municipality Kostadin Dimitrov, the expert from the Funding Department of CPSBB Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vasil Kolev, the directors of “Parks and Gardens” Veselin Kozarev and “Cleanliness” Dimitar Georgiev, it became clear that green areas and inter-block spaces will be improved around the new research center. Specific adjacent areas around the whole terrain of 23.5 decares were discussed and identified in order to be leveled and grassed. The Mayor of Trakia Municipality Kostadin Dimitrov committed to ensuring the improvement of the parking places in the region.