Students from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, and Turkey visit CPSBB

November 7, 2019

40 young people aged 11-18 from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, and Turkey visited the Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology on 07.11.2019, under the Science Camp initiative. Science Camp‘s main objective is to encourage and develop an interest in science among young people. As a Center of Excellence in research, it is of importance for CPSBB to promote science especially among youths.

During the visit, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tsanko Gechev delivered a lecture on the Mutations and mechanisms of reparation of DNA. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gechev also gave a short talk on the research programme and current experiments done at the CPSBB. A discussion followed on topics of CPSBB’s research work interesting for the young people. Then a tour of the CPSBB’s laboratories and plant growing facilities was organized for the young guests in order to get hands-on research experience.