Update on the construction of CPSBB’s research complex

May 28, 2021

The construction of CPSBB’s new research campus continues at a high pace. The main building and the adjacent high-tech greenhouses are near their final form, hinting at the enormous potential to be revealed when the campus is completed. In keeping with the age of innovation, the greenhouses will have a cutting-edge digital control system, enabling scientists to adjust various environmental parameters and stay updated on the plants’ development. Using the latest advances in the digital world applied in practical science, CPSBB aims to be a leader in plant systems biology and biotechnology, illustrating how a center of excellence should function in today’s technological realm.

The photovoltaic modules mounted on the rooftop of the main building will provide renewable energy, setting a high standard of energy efficiency. The campus environment and the buildings will be accessible for people with limited mobility, setting an example of how science should be open to everyone. The auditorium hall of the new research complex of CPSBB will provide an opportunity to hold large-scale scientific conferences and seminars, putting Plovdiv on the international map for scientific events. The laboratory complex with the available state-of-the-art equipment will provide an opportunity for scientists to reveal their full potential. Unparalleled among research centers in Bulgaria, the new CPSBB campus stands out with design, innovation and the latest technologies, providing a working environment at an international level.

Investments in research and innovation are assets in the future of Bulgaria and Europe, and therefore CPSBB is producing new knowledge, aiming to develop innovative products and services. This will enable higher productivity and, ultimately, prosperity.